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Gohr Creative Services
Advertising | Graphc Design | Illustration
Gohr Creative Services Hand
2745 N. Brookfield Rd
Brookfield, WI 53045
Building Blocks
Building Blocks for Effective Communication
Gohr Creative Services begins each assignment by taking a Marketing Necessities Inventory of your organization. Next, we conduct a Situation Analysis - examining both your internal and external environments. We then hold a Round Table Discovery session with you and your team. The purpose of this process is to identify Growth Goals, Growth Strategies and ultimately Growth Tactics.
Core Competencies
Brand Development Naming, Logos / Icons, Identity Programs
Print Custom Publishing, Collateral, Trade Ads
P.O.S. Shipper Displays, Posters, Danglers
Advertising Radio, Billboards, Print, TV
E-Solutions Email Blasts
Web Sites Design, Content Creation, Execution
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